Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Luciano Raimondi, call me Luca. I'm based in Vienna, 32, from Piacenza Italy, Sun in Aries with ascendant Virgo, Left-Libertarian & Agnostic. I hold a Master's in Fashion Design & co-started a business as foodpreneur. Combining creativity and business is my passion.


We live in extraordinary times.

One of the most creative, meaningful, transcendent eras of human history.


I'm happy to share with you my research channels on are.na or you are welcome to scroll through my projects here:


Handmade and organic ice cream in Vienna at

each of our three shops.


Bringing together food and design and experimenting with exceptional ingredients is a satisfying job on many levels.







As a corporate fashion label we teamed up with exciting new eateries to design sophisticated and functional workwear. 




Rewarded with the Swiss Textile Award I presented my diploma as a performative fashion show on the ceremony of beginning and ends.




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